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Search & Rescue

Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, members of Teton County Sheriff's Search and Rescue are on call to assist the county's residents and visitors who find themselves in need.  They also answer calls for mutual aid from neighboring counties.

They assist in the recovery of deceased subjects, aircraft related beacon searches, support of criminal investigations with evidence searches, disaster response, and general logistic support of Sheriff's Office personnel.

The team is trained to use specialized equipment to handle a variety of emergencies such as high-angle rock rescues,

car-over-the-side accidents, downed aircraft, swiftwater rescues and other wilderness medical emergencies. The team is also highly proficient in search operations for overdue hikers, mountain bikers, missing children and lost hunters.

The Teton County Search and Rescue Team operates under the leadership of the Teton County Sheriff.  The team is comprised of volunteers who have various backgrounds including EMS, Fire, Low/High Angle Rescue, Water rescue, Law Enforcement, Communication, Climbing, and Incident Command.

The Team receives annual training in CPR/First Aid, incident command, critical stress management, logistical training, 4-wheeler training, GPS operation and map reading, safety, low/high angle rescue and swift water rescue.  All members are required to participate in and complete the SARS III three day orientation course.

The Team meets on the third Thursday of each month at the Teton County Annex building.  Interested individuals are encouraged to contact Sheriff Keith Van Setten (406-466-5781), Commander Mike May (406-461-1612), or Secretary Florence Anderson (406-461-1612) for an application.

4 vehicles parked in grassy field school bus parked in a grassy field with stairs coming out of the back door, sheriff's office vehicle parked next to it a map of the area with several people standing around it
person repelling down the side of a rocky cliff person repelling down a rocky cliff, hidden by some trees person looking down into the trees, wearing repelling gear
3 people repelling down the side of rocks 3 people pulling someone out of the water with ropes several people standing outside a school bus and a trailer with the tailgate down
Teton County Search & Rescue bus parked in a field with mountains in the background Man kneeling on the ground over a map, talking to others around him 3 men talking by a sheriff's vehicle, one using his arm to indicate the angle of a slope
sheriff's office vehicle parked in a grassy field with a fourwheeler behind it