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The 911 Communications Center is designed to provide the most efficient method for citizens to obtain fast, effective public safety services 24 hours a day throughout the year.

The Teton County 911 Center provides emergency and non-emergency dispatching and centralized communications services for the Teton County Sheriff's Department, local Fire Departments, Teton County EMS agencies, and the Forest Service.

911 is a very important tool to assist people in all emergency situations, such as car crashes, sick or injured people, domestic problems, fires, and all other emergency situations where citizens need help.

911 should not be abused to call about barking dogs, road and weather reports.  For these types of questions or complaints, please call the non-emergency phone number at 406-466-5781.

  • 911 calls can be made from an inactive cellular phone; this means, if you have an old phone laying around that still turns on, you can still call 911 from that phone, regardless if it has minutes/data/etc. on it. (Please be mindful of this when giving young children an old cellular phone as a toy.)
  • 911 TEXT MESSAGES can not be sent out if your cellular phone is not active. If your phone is inactive and you have an emergency, you must call 911 to request assistance.

In 2017 we launched our text-to-911 system. This will be beneficial to all users in the county, but will specifically help with hearing/speech impaired callers, callers with low cellular service that still have the ability to text, as well as dangerous situations in which callers are incapable of making a voice call.