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Civil Process

The Teton County Sheriff’s Office does Civil Process serving in Teton County. 

Below are some of the types of papers that we serve and the cost of the service.

  • Summons and complaint or petition: $50.00 for each person or business
  • Subpoena:  $50.00 for each witness
  • Small Claims:  $50.00 for each person or business
  • Court Order, Notice, Rule, Letter, etc.:  $50.00 for each person or business and per each location
  • Posting Notices:  $50.00 per notice per location (exception:  posting a set of Notices of Sheriff’s Sale is included in sale process fee)
  • For returning a document at the request of plaintiff or plaintiff’s attorney after processing without service: $50.00 for each case or pre-paid amount, whichever is greater
  • Writ of Execution and Attachment:  $75.00 for each financial institution or business and per each location, this includes postage, mileage, paperwork; plus $50.00 per defendant
  • Writ of Assistance: $50.00 for service on each person by service or posting
  • Sheriff’s Sale:  $150.00 (includes preparing advertising, issuing certificates of sale, service fees, filing fees, publications costs, posting and other outside costs incurred)
  • Miscellaneous Fees (separate from and DRS Service):  $1 per page for FAX, $.25 per page for copies

All of the fees will be pre-paid with at check made out to Teton County Sheriff

In order for us to serve the paperwork we will need a praecipe or instructions as what to serve and whom to serve.  We will need a physical address for this service not a post office box number.  It is the responsibility for the plaintiff or plaintiff’s attorney to find the physical address not the Sheriff’s Office. 

We will need the original and a copy per person to be served.  Once served, the original will be sent back to the plaintiff or the plaintiff’s attorney.  Small Claims Court will be the exception.  The original will be sent back to the court.

If the paperwork is not correct it will be sent back with a reason as to why it was unable to be served.